When Cinema got inspired by Fashion!

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In the fashion industry it is fine if you have less talent , but if you have the wrong attitude then nothing can happen.

FASHION PLAYS A VITAL ROLE IN CINEMATOGRAPHY. There are several times when cinema got inspired by fashion which includes both Bollywood and Hollywood. The cinema industry is fashion industry but there are only a few times when those stories come forward for public. So, here we come with 5 movies and documentaries related to fashion industry or the movies presenting fashion in a cool way:

1) Saint Laurent

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Initial release: November 13, 2014 
Director: Bertrand Bonello
The movie is based on the story of Yves Saint Laurent's life between 1967 to 1976. It was the time when the famed fashion designer's career was at peak.

2) Calendar Girls




Initial release: September 25, 2015
Director: Madhur Bhandarkar
The bollywood movie shows the storyline of 5 girls who are in search of work in fashion industry, who struggle and become popular to become the Calendar Girls.

3) Don’t Tell My Booker!!!


dont tell my booker fashionstyle.guru


Initial release: 2007
Director: Dave Cote
The story shows where Dave Cote takes us on a trip through Super Model VIP Culture, through Milan, Greece, Paris, London, to the Cannes Film Festival, and rubs shoulders with Hollywoods top people.


fashion fashionstyle.guru


Initial Release : October 29, 2008 
Director: Madhur Bhandarkar
The movie tells us about a girl from Chandigarh aiming to become a fashion model and go to Mumbai. The girl finishes to become a fashion star defeating the competitors.


garmento fashionstyle.guru

SOURCE - crankycritic

Initial release: 2002
Director: Michele Maher
Fashion is considered a glamorous industry full of beautiful people. "Garmento" tells the other side of the story. It tells that what are the things other than glamor in the fashion industry.


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