Latest Fashion Color Trends for Spring-Winter of 2018

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Color trends of Spring-Winter 2018

A color trend is a direction which suggests the responsiveness or a rising preference for a color or several colors. Therefore, a color trend in a season can change with the way we believe in color and how we buy consumer goods.

In short, we are going to constantly correspond via the medium of the color trend for Spring-Autumn 2018.

A fashion is a flash-in-the pot that means a trend comes with a little more realism and purpose, and a style is something that repeatedly re-invents itself over time to become a standard." - Linda DeFranco

The originality of a color generates a desire for it. Usually, a rising color is quite diverse from what paved the way for it. This is why following a trend is like a chance to practice something bright and thrilling because the variety spices up our lives. Possibly this explains why we look forward and welcome a new color every season.

Trends always choose two opposite directions: one towards a strong, vivacious palette that recalls fauvist pictures, second towards pastel hues and destructs garments for an insubstantial look. This season all shades remaking ways from lavender to pink and feminine and chic ensembles will take center stage.

Fashion Color Trends for Spring-Autumn 2018

Let's check out all color trend for Spring-Autumn 2018 which are going to rule the market this season. If you want to be in fashion trends and want to follow it then you should know more about it.

Check out edits and read everything to know how to wear tones and how it works.


Lavender Color Trend in fashion Spring-Winter 2018

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Are you sick of millennial pink? Well, make ways for lavender aka “lilac” for your new statement shade. This color will rule the whole summer and winter season.

It represents the perfect blend of romance and elegant that you can wear on a masculine suit or a light garment. It dominated Michael Kors Collection for this season.

If you favor lavender light, then it can be easy-to-pull-off neutrals that still interpret edgy, particularly when made on fun materials like satin, chiffon or faux fur.

Light Green

Light Green Color trends 2018

Credit: Glowsly

Light Green again is back in the color trend for Spring-Autumn 2018, this time with a delicate and fresh shade. Designers are using this color widely and have an agreement about a color story for fall: all neon everything. And the most common of all shades, green are going to get appeared more often than any color.

Woodsier or light greens are up for autumn collections that have kept coming up on the runway after runway.

Rapture Rose

Rapture Rose fashion Color in trends 2018

Credit: Glowsly

It is a full, princess-like, strong pink shade. Designers like Marchesa or Prabal Gurung have merged it with sheer and light fabrics for this season. It is by far the most childlike, feminine, and vibrant color trend of spring 2018.

People are going to witness some sporty experiments and take on it, like the plastic-y anorak designs on the Mary Katrantzou catwalk. Apart from this, Nicopanda used a plastic dress in this shade while at Emporio Armani, this color was used on sheer, blustery button-up top with billowy sleeves.


Purple Color in fashion trends of Spring-Winter 2018

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The color of the year for Pantone’s 2018 is UltraViolet. This color machinates with its mix, inexplicable nature, and connected with the seventh chakra, where the human meets the heaven. ‘Experiment’ is the word for the theme.

According to Pantone, it is a dramatically challenging and considerably a purple shade in the shade of Ultra Violet which communicates uniqueness, cleverness, and visionary thinking that points us toward the better future.

Sky blue

Sky blue Color in winter autumn

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It is a bright color that reminds calm sky. It looks great on mid or full-length dresses like on Carolina Herrera, John Galliano, Ralph & Russo. It is a color which is next to neutrals. It is versatile, stylish and refreshing, which is just one of the shades of blue ruling the trends on the fall season.

With the promise of carrying freshness, sky blue represents a split from the classic Autumnal color palette. It is basically an icy shade of blue that induces the cool and peaceful nature of the sea and the skies.

Military green

Military green Fashion Clothing Color trends

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Well, it is a shade of green but considered as a neutral hue, just like beige and is up to make ways as the color trend in 2018. It often cut the elegant or sporty looks on military-style pieces. In a country with so many young people, burst elements are very much in fashion. So don’t be astonished to see military green opposing with colored pockets or chunky neon necklaces.

Military green is all about the existing changes in the nation and will absolutely be on demand this season of the year,” said Chihungwa

This is a universal color which suits each and every tone of the skin. This is the beauty of military green and can be dressed up or dressed down.

Oat Color Trend for Spring-Autumn 2018

Oat Fashion Color Trend for Spring-Autumn 2018

Credit: Fashionisers

Clear out your crunchy whites and oyster silvers because it is predicted that 2019 will be all about oat. A subdued take on linen, this shade is going to be the new black and neutral. One can pair it with deeper tones like olives, navies or terracottas, or with white and black.

It is going to suit each and every skin tone which will easily be embellished using a matching necklace.

Buttermilk Yellow

Buttermilk Yellow Color trends of Winter 2018

Credit: Marieclair

This is a flexible shade in color trend for Spring-Autumn 2018 that has made its way onto the fashion week for many designers collection like Isabel Marant and Moschino. Not only that, we have seen this color to be the most favorite for street style stars, too. This is a color which has dominated runway and street fashion this season and will continue doing it.

Shopping for some of our favorite pieces in buttermilk yellow is a safe choice for your wardrobe. This soft buttermilk yellow is few shades lighter than actual yellow which represents elegance.

Sage Green

Sage Green Fashion Color Trends 2019

Credit: colourbridesmate

It is one of the most eye-catching elements on the runway from Louis Vuitton's color trend for Spring-Autumn 2018. The color was the soft sage green and seen in some of the pleated smocks and fold-detail shorts.

Sage green has seen the enhancement in the preference over the period of time. This greyish green hue reflects softness and muted color which can be easily decorated but doesn't turn into the tiresome or unsurprising territory, hence why it's being hailed as a new neutral.

Powder Blue

Color trends of Spring-Winter 2018

Credit: Stylebymilyhenderson

After considering a lot of sky blues in color trend for 2018, we can be expected to shift towards a somewhat deeper powder blue. Karla Špetić sent dresses, blazers, and shorts down was mostly seen on the runway in a powder blue marle which felt spanking new and feminine.

Powder blue is well-known in chromotherapy which is treated as the fresh hue that calls feelings of calmness and peace in mind. It is some of the dominating properties we should not underestimate, particularly now that vacations are about to happen.

Deep Olive Green

Color trends of Spring-Winter 2018

Credit: Glamcorner

We've constantly had a resemblance for the wearable olive green, but this is not the situation for this season. This season's take is moodier and deeper that will hit all the symbols for us.

This color can be seen from Albus Lumen's liquid-silk shirt dresses to Camilla and Marc's leather fringe bandeaus. This is why it is making a color trend in the making.

Egyptian Blue

Color trends of Spring-Winter 2018

Credit: Pinterest

It is another shade of blue which is going to make rounds for runways and street styles. It will be one or two shades lighter than Yves Klein Blue and is going to feature more on the runways. Prada's Cruise collection all about blue elements such as blazers, miniskirts, hats. But it was the main magnetism at the likes of Hansen & Gretel and Pereira Fitzgerald.

Auburn Red

Color trends of Spring-Winter 2018

Credit: howtobearededhead

Though we have already seen terracotta materialized as a trend in the color space, but the trend has changed in winter 2018 and starting of 2019. It is predicted that in 2019 people will see it mix deeper and somewhat more brown-toned, bending towards Auburn. Christopher Esber and Thomas Puttick incorporated doses of warm reddish-browns, indicating the shade will see darker days.

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown Color trends of Spring-Winter 2018

Credit: haveprom

This year's mocha and caramel browns will also see a shift towards a deeper tone. Buzzy label I.AM.GIA alerted on a range of chocolate browns, and Christopher Esber stopped up his show with a covetable sheer-paneled maxi.

Shades of brown are at present hitting the market. They make for great alternatives when you’re trying to remind a sense of ease. Additionally, when it comes to decorating your personal space at home it is best which can get incorporated in the house.

It is also popularized in hair color too. Danish word “hygge” is all about joy and fun and is even a hair trend. Soft copper, rich brown and buttery blonde are must-try colors for your locks.


Color trends of Spring-Winter 2018

Credit: guceoath

Nude got uninterested with being imperceptible. It got irritated about people never being noticed. It had a clutch and has re-emerged this time of year as the color trend for Spring-Autumn 2018 which is free of the fetters of good flavor and minimalistic vagueness.

Nude has rumbled and all the stylists have heard its zeitgeist howl. It's gone bushy, unkempt, shiny, and irresponsible. It's reconstituted itself as a thrill-seeker, suddenly punchy, unprecedentedly demanding. High-quality nudes have left to fashion at shock and bad nudes are going all over the place.


We may not have entered the winter of 2018 yet, but that doesn't mean we can’t keep our eyes open to know about the weather horizon. With Resort '19 wrapped up at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia and Cruise '19 unfolding in Europe, the most recent collections have agreed to give a glimpse at the color palette we'll be wearing incoming 2019.

Bottom line is, this year Millennial pinks, fire-engine reds and the mixture of lemon yellow will be the color trend for Spring-Autumn 2018 and all about taking the center stage by creating a contrast between dark and light. Gone will be the days of primary-color brights and color-clashing, late 2018 and 2019 will see dark colors like olive green and cobalt blue and many shades of blue like sky blue and camel.