47 Meaningful Tattoos for Girls to Look Beautiful & Stylish

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Meaningful tattoo arts for girls

Ruling cute & meaningful tattoos for girls can at times attest to be a tricky task but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of fascinating, attractive and encouraging tattoo designs have incorporated in trends to match your soul.

We’d like to give you a look at this compilation of attractive, interesting and meaningful tattoos for girls so you can make a decision and make it your own. So let’s dive right into it. Shall we?

47 Meaningful Tattoos for Girls

1- Small Rose Tattoo

Small Rose tattoo design
Small Rose tattoo design IG/amor_tinta

A small rose tattooed wherever on a womanly body amplifies its attractiveness and allure. But the sense of rose tattoos goes far-off beyond being just a beauty and love sign. Small rose tattoos design for girls is popular among tattoo/ body ink enthusiasts around the world.

2- Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design

cherry blossom tattoo
Cherry blossom tattoo

Cherry blossom tattoos may get to their peak of prettiness when completed on a large scale crossways the entire back. A tiny cherry flower tattoo design is so pretty and attractive, typically tattooed on a wrist, on a finger, and on a back, above all with a pair of petals declining down.

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3- Ladybug Tattoo Art

lady bug tattoo design for girls
Tiny ladybug ?by IG/eligraff.tattoo

Ladybug tattoos for girls perhaps located on the wrist, finger, on the shoulder or back, waist, behind the ear. A ladybug is a character of good luck, wealth, bliss and triumph.

4- Small Angel Wings tattoo

Credits: pinterest

The figurative connotation behind angel wings tattoos may differ depending on an individual’s life knowledge or faith. Angels are creatures sent from the paradise to defend and protect us from any kind of dangers.

5- Religious Lotus

Lotus tattoo
Credits: pinterest

The Hindu offers it some holy personality holding it extremely in respect. The lotus is a sign of power and beauty that grows out of dirt, in murky waters, blossoming on the shell of water into a fragile, pure, spotless and stainless of mud.

6- Hummingbird Tattoos

Hummingbird Tattoo
Credits: wildtattooart

The exclusive and elegant hummingbird flaps its factions 50 times per second or even more; it can drift in roughly any direction, even rearward and upside down.

7- Heart Tattoos

Credits: rattatattoo

Hearts have for all time been used as a representation of love and fervor, respect and attachment whether in painting, poetry or body art. Heart tattoos may have dissimilar connotation depending on the existing individual.

8- Stars Tattoos for Women

Stars Tattoo
Credits: weheartit

Stars are exorbitant objects that are shining and dazzling all the way through the night as if directing modest limelight. They are those stars that from time immemorial have been illuminating up the travelers on their mode. Shoulders, back, wrist, legs are right places for star tattoos design for girls.

9- Sun and Moon Tattoos

Credits: IG/ kickassthings

In approximately all the mores all the way through the world the Sun exemplifies manliness, that is force and power while the Moon has forever been the symbol of womanliness, all originating delicateness, and affectivity. The amalgamation of these two conflicting figures fetches down the Ying Yang notion.

10- Arrow Design Tattoo

Unique Arrow Tattoo Idea
Unique Arrow Tattoo by IG/ikaw_storyzii

For resident Americans, an arrow gives out as a chasing and defense weapon. It is the mace of the angel who is in steady hunt of mixing two natives with love. Therefore an arrow is also a part of the Zodiac sign, Sagittarius. It is one of the best tattoo designs for Girls.

11- Anchor

When the craft is to be fastened into the marine at the port, the anchor is used. When the ship is dithering on bothered waters, the anchor is plunged into the seabed for steadiness. So, anchor assortment as an everlasting body tattoo is an orientation to constancy and sanctuary in all aspect of life. It may also point out great love of its transporter for water.

12- Giraffe: Aim High

Giraffe tattoo
Giraffe tattoo image Source 

The facade of the giraffe with its lofty, high-flying neck is by now enough to recommend its being the sign of loveliness and elegance.

13- Snowflake

Earlier than its being thrown out, presently try for an instant to gaze at a snowflake and to grab its multifaceted, yet so delicious structure. No two snowflakes declining down so charmingly from the sky are similar; each snowflake has its exceptional construction and dimension.

A snowflake tattoo design for girls may also indicate stillness and equanimity as it is falling down so noiselessly nothing like the rain. it may also represent renaissance and alteration since when dissolved it does not disappear but converts into the hose.

14- Key Tattoo

Keys are so noteworthy in our lives – a solution to the flat door, a key to the drawer, and symbolically also a key into the heart. We are breaching and concluding, finishing and opening many things with keys.

15- Sui Generis Dragonfly Tattoo

Dragonfly is instinctive in dark waters, and then transitioning some transformation phases just similar to it is with butterflies. It is a being of both air and water and it may also modify the colors of those flimsy wings.

All these personalities make this bug so very exclusive, with all-around features to it, also building it one of the most attractive small tattoos for girls. It is a tattoo loved by Girls of all age.

16- Diamond Tattoo

If you are alert of this information that most of the ladies absolutely adore diamond then welcome to the crazy world. Lady’s diamond tattoo suggests strength and authority rather than just lavishness.

17- Crown Tattoo Design

Crown art tattoos on girls neck
Crown art Tattoos for Girls Source ig/paulitta_fit_and_music

One smaller cute tattoo idea for girls is transported by a crown that may be located wherever on the body. It looks that the crown-tattoo-wearing lady is brilliant with a authority and right to canon others.

18- Fingerprint tattoo

fingerprint tattoos ART on shoulder of girl
Fingerprint tattoos for ladies source: IG/cansuolga

All people’s fingerprints are exclusive and when you take fingerprints of a human being on your body, you are declaring it to everybody that the fingerprint possessor has intensely contacted your heart, your spirit, and your entire life. This fingerprint pattern can also be accustomed to shaping other descriptions, like hearts or birds.

19- Feather tattoo

Your free spirit and outer room spirit will be finest exposed by the feather tattoo embossed anywhere on your back, forearm or knee. A feather falls to the land from a bird, hanging liberally in the sky and when you transport this factor onto your body it in some way illustrates your desire to be as gratis as a bird or perhaps you have by now realized the preferred liberty.

20- Map tattoo

An enormous world map tattoo inked on the entire back area is really inspiring but you can too attempt its tiny side on your wrist, ankle and also on the back. World map tattoos may point to your great obsession with traveling and also your huge vision to take a trip around the globe.

21- Seahorse

The seahorse may modify its membrane color in front of some hazards, it may enfold its tail around something not to be ruined by disturbed waters and one more exclusive characteristic to it is that it is the guy seahorse that bears the eggs, not the female. So it will signify a clever yet equal attitude.

22- Romantic bow tattoo

Bows are the entire the frenzy now, opening from being hair garnishes and jewelry bits to ornamental characteristics of garment pieces and shoes. They are so womanly and coquettish, anybody may concur.

23- Owl

A lady with an owl tattoo on her body absolutely has a tale to tell everybody. This story will have many ups and downs, twists and turns and at the end the result of strength, hard work, and self-encouragement.

24- Dreamcatcher

If you believe perhaps the clandestine to the frenzied achievement of Kendall Jenner and Miley Cyrus lies in dream catcher inks beautifying their corporeal bodies then you should surely go for it.

25- Music

Those who have made music an element of their life can have a melody memo tattooed on their wrist. You can dig up a miniature wrist tattoo finished with the musical note drawing.

26- Rosary

Wrist tattoo plan can also comprise that of a rosary. In its place of bodily shipping it around, a rosary tattoo design on the wrist can be an alternative.

27- Om

Those who are spiritual can use this sacred wrist tattoo plan for their arm or wrist. This Om tattoo design can nevertheless be completed in any other division of the body as well.

28- Quote tattoos

This is one of the wrist tattoos that nearly all girls favor as it stands for autonomy.

29- Angel

If you are in the middle of individuals who believe in guardian angels, then you make out what you have got to have as a tattoo.

30- Matching tattoo

Get an identical tattoo with your sister or loved one on your wrist. Investigate a soul tattoo design that is cool wrist tattoo that sisters can sport.

31- Infinity design Tattoo

Infinity tattoos with a quotation possibly are the ideal option for your everyday spell of inspiration. It is also one of the most required after wrist tattoos for women.

32- Name

forename tattoos on wrists are gorgeous and more willingly than just receiving the name inked, you can attempt unusual designs like merging it with the perpetuity symbol or hearts or in scripting it in your local language, etc.

33- Rose

An averagely sized flower on the shoulder cutting edge creates a ladylike proclamation. This tattoo goes off well when you are fully clad in off-shoulder or tops with straps.

34- Bird love

And you considered only humans can obtain lovey-dovey moments? The birds in this shoulder tattoo will demonstrate it otherwise.

35- Ankle

Make your ankle appear unruffled by going away for this duo tattoo – rose on one ankle and a butterfly on the other. It gives you a sentiment of roughness and supremacy. Wear your hot pink heels and go kill it with your look.

36- Neck

This is a place where all tattoo looks flimsy and good-looking. With the flower sagging softly on the reverse of the shoulder, it makes a dramatic and eternal tattoo.

37- Jewelry tattoo

Everyone knows the love a girl has for jewelry but it is somehow same for guys too. So if you are someone who actually adores jewelry then go for a jewelry piece and ink it at your preferred place in the body.

38- Shiva tattoo

It is a rage now. Be it the Trishul, The Rudra Face, The Om, The Damru or the whole Shiva face. It is going to give you a raging yet calm face.

39- Tiger face

Tiger face tattoo on hand
Tiger face tattoo : Source

It signified power and strength. So it basically suits each and every person on this earth. Because Hey! everyone is a tiger in its own way.

40- Animal Paw

Animal Paw Tattoos
Animal Paw Tattoos Source

Animal paw tattoos are also in advance of immense status among tattoo aficionados, whether inked solo or in two, three descriptions. One may take a paw tattoos as a symbol of enormous love to his/her pet or it may indicate always stirring forward alongside all the odds. Its connotation may also be different depending on the animal category it is owned by.

41- City Skyline Tattoo Art

City Skyline Tattoo
City Skyline Tattoo Source

A city skyline tattoo is a fixation for loyalists, who are untamed about the metropolis where they were instinctive, who are forever irritated to go back the home where on earth they go. But it could also indicate a town where something extraordinary has occurred and was dabbed in reminiscence.

42- Tree of life Tattoo

Tree of Life Tattoo on Back
Tree of Life Tattoo Design Source

It carries an abundant representation such as immortality, perpetuity, comprehension, insight, potency, fortification, profusion, expansion, clemency and recovery. So it will be a safe option to go with.

43- Zodiac sign

Zodiac Sign Tattoos
Zodiac Sign Tattoos for women source

Amid the superstars it is Rihanna who has her zodiac sign – Pisces, tattooed at the back of the ear and Rita Ora also remains her Sagittarius zodiac symbol tattoo on the equivalent place. It looks stylish and elegant

44- Hamsa Tattoo

hamsa tattoo design on hand
Hamsa tattoo design on hand Source

It might sometimes also be portrayed with an eye in the middle, thus more extremely highlighted an observant charm forever complimenting you.

45- Trinity Knot

Trinity Knot is extremely significant in Christianity, representing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, whereas according to Pagan lore the hierarchy points of the triangular stand for the three innate forces: earth, air, and water.

46- Initials

They can be considered in a variety of customs and shapes be an adjunct to unusual motifs and matter.

47- Bow and Arrow

The bow and arrow design is an accepted tattoo for women and men to acquire in its present condition just the arrow on its own. The bow has a lot of different connotations, counting allusions to Cupids bow on top of gunfire for the stars. Bows are in addition very flexible to your own flavor.