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'I Don't Do Fashion. I Am Fashion'

Keeping the quote in mind, these fashion bloggers must have struck in their minds to be the best fashion bloggers in India. With thousand of followers on Instagram these girls make their may to be the Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of India. Here we come:

1)Gia Kashyap

Gia kashyap instagram

37.4k followers on Instagram

Blog name- Giasaysthat

Gia started in 2010 with an aim to share my ideas with people through images & words. At 18, she started her t-shirt business. At the age of 21, she got the opportunity to write as a Fashion columnist for a well known publication in the country.

2)Payal and Priyanka

payal and priyanka


90.3k followers on Instagram

Blog name- High Heel Confidential

Payal and Priyanka, two friends who started blogging in the year 2007,  started a Desi-centric fashion blog named High Heel Confidential. Friends don't find it easy to make business but these two proved to be successful fashion bloggers and bagging glories in their field today.

3)Akanksha Redhu

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 1.33.50 AM

49.7k followers on Instagram

Blog name - akanksharedhu

Akanksha started this blog somewhere in 2010 as an interesting means of noting, chronicling and expressing my ideas, projects, inspirations and daydreams. It has constantly evolved ever since and become more fashion & lifestyle oriented.

4)Shalini Chopra

shalini chopra instagram

35.3k followers on Instagram

Blog name - Stylish by Nature

Shalini Chopra, a fashion, style and beauty blogger, from Bangalore, India started her blog named Stylish by Nature with full pace and is informative for like-minded people who believe that style runs in their blood and is as important as breathing.

5)Masoom Minawala

blog massom

101k followers on Instagram

Blog name- - Style Fiesta Diaries

Started this blog on a whim back in 2010, Style Fiesta Diaries is a fashion blog encompassing personal outfits, inspirations, trend reports and the daily low-down of what’s happening in the style circuit.

6)Anshita Juneja

anshita juneja blog

42.5k on Instagram

Blog name - Vanity No Apologies

The brand was founded in December of 2010 by Anshita Juneja, who is also the editor-in-chief. She is a resident of Delhi and aims to share her passion for beauty with fellow makeup geeks. She is a huge lover of literature, sitcoms and movies and could possibly be more passionate about these than makeup.

7)Devina Malhotra

devina malhotra insta

57.4k on Instagram

Blog name - Guilty Bytes

Launched in January 2012 is a Punjaban's take on fashion, beauty, Bollywood, wedding style, food, love in uniform & Life. From Style tips to new trends, from Bride-to-be essentials to Love in Olive Green everything is visible on the blog.

8)Aayushi Bangur

ayushi bangur insta

111k on Instagram

Blog name-  StyleDrive

A personal style & beauty blogger living a beautiful mess in Mumbai, Aayushi Bangur has a driving passion for fashion and enjoy the art of mixing and matching, styling and embellishing, juxtaposing and merging things and elements of fashion to create master pieces in the most simplest ways.

9)Nitika Bhatia

nitika b instagram

42.5k on Instagram

Blog name - The Shopaholic Diaries

Started blog back in June 2011, during her MBA days, writing about her experiences with various online shopping websites,and later expanding to sharing her Personal Style, Shopping hauls, Favourite Outfits, Latest Trends & Fashion Updates and more.

 10) Srish 

srish instagram

44.5k on Instagram

Blog name - Style Fashion Etc

Fashion Blogger & Stylist, Srish shares her experiences and experiments with fashion and personal style.The journey started in 2010. The blog is today an outlet for all sorts of creativity, be it fashion, clothes, trends, shoes etc.


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