How to Dress for Your Body Type & Shape Male

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Male Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Men, since years unknown, have presumed that the idea of "How to Dress for Your Body Type" is reserved to their fairer counterparts only.

However, it is equally important for men to accept this idea as well. Regardless of possessing an ideal body shape or not, every fellow can reap benefits from dressing in a way that is best suited to his physical body shape & structure.

how to dress for your body type male

Male Dress According to Body Shape

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Identify Men’s Body Shapes before Outfits

Nearly all men belong to one out of five classifications: Oval, trapezoid(also known as rhomboid), triangle, inverted triangle, or rectangle shape. Discovering under which category you belong will aid you know which outfits to pick up and which ones to avoid. Within the least time possible, you would know how to dress according to body shape by going through this article.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Male Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Male Inverted Triangle Body Shape ( Andrea Franchini )

The inverted triangle or V-shaped body features wide chest and shoulders, but lean waist and hips. For guys with such a body shape, it calls for focusing on the disproportion between the upper and lower portions of the body.

How to Clothe for Inverted Triangle Body Shape

1. Opt for jumpers and V-neck shirts as they would pull the attention to your strengths, that is the lower body part.
2. To aid break up a dress, go for a belt to highlight area around the hips while at the same time, attracting attention to this region.
3. Pick unstructured double-breasted jackets. This would make the torso wider and in proportion to the shoulders.
4. To pull the attention downwards once again, give statement printed leg-wear a try.
5. Breton striped t-shirts, in addition to being high-class in style, are excellent for a guy bearing this body type, specially if the stripes pay particular attention around the belly instead of the chest.

1. Do not sport structured jackets that come with broad lapels or shoulder padding as this will only give prominence to the widest region.
2. Owing to the reason mentioned above, do not sport shirts with scoop necklines.
3. Do not pick slim-cut jeans or trousers rather than skinny cut since this would emphasize the disproportion of the lower body part.

Rhomboid Body Type

Wide chest and shoulders with fairly slender waist and hips are the key features of this body shape. There isn't quite trouble dressing up in this shape as the upper and lower portions of the body are balanced. As long as one keeps everything in the correct shape, almost all fits and styles, normally, would suit this body type. Owing to the uncomplicated dressing with this body shape, it is an excellent canvas to experiment with the emerging trends.

Triangle Body Shape

The triangle body shape is characterized by wide hips and waist compared to the chest and shoulders. This aspect makes the person appear heavier at the lower half of their torso. It also possesses the probability of creating an impression of slanted shoulders. One should pay special prominence on mending the disproportion made by the lower portion seeming bigger than the upper half.

How to dress for Triangle Body Shape

1. To define the shoulder lines, opt for structured jackets and blazers.
2. Pay attention to well-fitted dresses. Outfits that do not fit you properly will only highlight this shape. Get in touch with a good tailor if you haven't already. This recommendation is applicable to all fellows.
3. For the upper body, go for dark shades as they are quite embellishing. By donning a bright t-shirt beneath a jumper or jacket, you can add color.
4. To streamline the trunk, select button-down styles and single-breasted pieces.

1. Do not sport tapered crew necks or polo shirts as such styles tend to diminish the width of the shoulders.
2. Do not sport dresses with horizontal stripes covering your belly. Rather, go for pinstripes or vertical stripes.
3. Do not sport overtly skinny or narrow jeans or trousers, since these make the central portion of the body appear wider.

Rectangle Body Type

The rectangle body shape comes with hips and waist as broad as the shoulders. The purpose of clothing in this body type is to narrow the lower trunk while widening the shoulders to create the impression of a rather rhomboid-like shape.

How to Dress for Rectangle Body Type

1. To broaden the chest, jumpers and shirts can be worn, specially by donning jumpers that fit snugly at the waist.
2. Go for structured jackets which are tapered at the underarms and padded in the shoulder. As coming across such an ideal fit can get quite difficult, hence, it would be better to have the jacket arms decreased by your tailor.
3. To attract attention to your upper body part, give round necklines a try.

1. Do not sport dresses with block hues on the torso.
2. Do not sport prints such as photographic tees that ape your rectangular body shape.
3. Do not sport double-breasted jackets since they would only bring your rectangular body shape to the fore.

Oval Body Shape

As can be deciphered from the name itself, this body type seems round, particularly around the belly region. As a result of this feature, the legs appear slimmer than usual and the shoulders seem narrow. To make the rest of the body appear more balanced, it is imperative to pay special prominence on broadening the shoulders and lengthening the trunk of all the body parts.

How to Clothe for Oval Body Shape

1. Don textured pieces or elaborate prints in dark shades to offer interest, while at the same time, remaining ornate.
2. To elongate the body, sport pinstripes or vertical stripes.
3. Sport well-fitted pants that aid elongate the legs.
4. Make certain that the sleeves and legs of the trousers are in proper lengths, as accumulating will shrink the legs. As has already been mentioned in the above sections, resorting to a good tailor is the need of the hour.

1. With this body shape, do not sport double-breasted jackets.
2. Do not sport horizontal streaks.
3. Do not wear broad crew necks, polo shirts, or cowl necks.
4. Do not don shoes with white trim or sole since this would make the leg line become shorter.
5. Do not sport bright hued or statement belts since this would give prominence to the broad part.

Expert Tips to Dress According to Body

1. Men with slim waist and wide shoulders should keep away from skinny jeans since they alter their smaller center beyond normal proportions.
2. Steer clear of photographic rectangular tops and double breasted jackets for a rectangular body shape.
3. Men whose shoulders are proportional to their waist can wear almost anything.
4. In case you possess an oval body shape, refrain from multicolored tops or belts and horizontal stripes since they tend to overemphasize your waistline.
5. If you have broad hips, then stay away from skinny jeans as they draw attention to your waistline.
Thus, without being irritable, tired, and anxious, one can always lay their hands on something or other inspite of variegated types of body shapes around. Irrespective of being a rectangle or a pear-shaped man, you can always come across dresses according to Body Shape to keep looking fashionable without compromising on anything.


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