13 Ethnic Wear for Men Wedding, Only Modern Ideas for Men’s Marriage Dresses

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ethnic wear for mens for marriage

All the To-be grooms gaze towards their most looked-for day- that is their wedding. A date when everyone will be looking at them.

Plus, it is an allegory that only women have a diversity of alternatives in garments than men when it approaches for nuptial shopping. Today’s men, too, have turned into picky just like women.

Ethnic wear is the category of outfits that covers all the Indian traditional clothing. Ethnic outfits are prime attires of Indian marriages. This wedding fashion guide is going to highlight all modern and trendy Indian wedding dresses for men.

Ethnic Wear Ideas for Men for Marriage

There are so many amazing methods those designers from around the motherland has specified to the beau monde. By means of new-age designs coming in, you don’t have to fasten to that common pajama Kurta or Sherwani.

ethnic wear for men kurta dhoti

Ethnic wear for men kurta dhoti

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Just contain a look at the beneath styles and you will be familiar with what is in a fashion that can create your look dis-similarly.

Let's find out which ethnic wear for mens for marriage would be right outfit for wedding day for you , your brother and your best buddy.

Here is a catalog of the most recent wedding runway-approved garments for men that are graceful and magnificent and you must purchase for the majestic day( wedding day) to look gratifying.

Indo Western Outfits for Groom

Dhoti kurtas have been the trendy fashion for men for splendid occasions. But, the style has dug up much innovation now. So, in place of dhotis, pick silken puddle pants for standard glance attire.

Coating your kurta with a western jacket is another safe option. It is paramount to prefer solid colors.

Belnded Indo western ethnic outfit for groom

Indo western ethnic outfit for groom

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indo western wear for men

Indo western wear :Men's Brocade Zari Nehru Jacket/Waist Coat

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Mens sherwani set Indo western look for groom

Mens sherwani set Indo western look for groom

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Black Tie Dresses

Black Tie Tuxedo Dress for Groom is an extremely official and detailed dress code, so stick to the black bow tie, black tuxedo, white tux chemise. Dazzling insignia is a no-go, as are neckties, but there are numerous other ways you can set physically apart.

Endeavor a tuxedo shirt with a down collar for a current look, and obtain the prospect to renovate in minute ways. Append a pouch square, suspenders, or push button studs to your group. Black tie marriage apparel for men is all about low-key personalization.

Men's Italian Fit Slim Fit Casual Blazer Tuxedo

Men's Italian Fit Slim Fit Casual Blazer Tuxedo

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Black Tie Tuxedo Dress for Groom

Credits: blacktux

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Embroidered Achkan with Churidars

Decide for a seriously embellished Achkan kurta in extensive span and team it up with solid colored churidars.

You can dress in this furnish on marriage or keep it on for Mehendi function or some other day. To accessorize, a wrap will effort perfectly as a great fashion accessory.

Achkans with a button placket in the front is all in trend. It’s roughly like a knee-length jacket switched in the facade to provide a stylish look.

It can be simple, decorative or embellished with profound fabric like silk or brocade and balancing with churidar pants, dhotis or salwar. It is just right for circumstances like weddings, sangeet or festivals.

silk ethnic wear for mens wedding

Silk ethnic wear for mens wedding

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Men's Grey Bronze Jacquard Silk Kurta & Churidaar Pyjama

Men's Grey Bronze Jacquard Silk Kurta & Churidaar Pyjama

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Velvet Tuxedo

Velvet Tuxedo wedding suits for groom

Credits: ebay

Squeeze a little eccentricity in your nuptials attire this season. Choose for a velvet tuxedo characterizes silken dhoti pants as a base. An embellished one is a perfect pick. If not on the marriage day, you can be dressed in this collection to another party. Best insignia is maroon, blue and black.


Fashionable and chic clothes might come and go, but the command for traditional kurtas for men will forever be there. Fabrics include cotton, silk or brocade.

They can be small or long sleeved, trendy or knee length. Pair off a natural or embellished kurta with similar or different color churidar pants or jeans.

Costume up in a graceful and Royal kurta pajama in concrete color and layer it with a semi-embroidered jacket to seem a bit dissimilar. You can also put back your basic pajama bottom with Aligarh pants for a royal look for wedding.

multi color kurta with dhoti ethnic wear for men

Multi color kurta with dhoti ethnic wear for men

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Kurta with red dhoti for wedding

Kurta with red dhoti for men's wedding

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Asymmetric Sherwani

Sherwani with asymmetric collar and cut gives a fashionable look. Designers are forthcoming with sherwanis in wealthy and alien fabrics all season.

Sherwanis are frequently complete with heavier fabrics and are an all the rage choice for a variety of official occasions. Join up with churidar or lose pants, identical jootis or shoes and a dupatta with it.

Asymmetric Sherwani for wedding ethnic wear mens

Asymmetric Sherwani for wedding

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sherwani mens ethnic for wedding

Embroidered Sherwani

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Rajasahab Sherwani

Rajasahab Sherwani

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Groom Anarkali Style Sherwani

Anarkali Sherwani for Men for Marriage

Credits: anarkali love

Anarkalis are just about women? It is a myth; men can wear them as well.

Anarkali Sherwani for groom is in fashion in Indian Weddings. The ideal one is in knee-length with churidar pants and bandhgala jacket.

Complete the look with a conventional Rajasthani turban and mojaris. Deep colors like maroon and brick red can speculate. Bridegroom can go for golden for a rich Indian look on wedding day.

Indian Men’s Suits for Wedding

Indian Suits for Men have the similar cut as western suits, but with an additional Indian stroke through materials, regal colors and needlework or trimmings.

Indian suits come in ordinary colors like maroon, burgundy, black, blue and grey. And the widespread fabrics used are wealthy cotton, brocade with Indian embroidery or spangle embellishments.

Men's Slim Fit 3 Piece Suit for wedding

Men's Slim Fit 3 Piece Suit for wedding

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Fashion Party Slim Fit Blazer for groom

Fashion Party Slim Fit Blazer for groom

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Nehru Jacket

Nehru Jacket for marriage men dress

Credits: mr button

Nehru jacket is the mainly adaptable portion of garments in whichever Indian man’s outfit. Nehru jackets have a lot of dissimilar methods and cuts. This uncomplicated jacket gives a typical, conventional look to the entire attire. Matchup kurta or basic sherwani with Nehru jacket, chooridar or salwar pants.

Safari Suit

Shafari Suit

Credits: fashinablydesi

If you are fed up of tiresome kurtas or regular shirts, then safari suit is a huge plan for men who have delicate feel in manner. Brace a neutral or khaki colored similar waist or hip length jacket with pants and be dressed in any disparity color shirt or tee in the jacket.

Sherwanis with Jackets

Sherwani with jacket

Credits: gravity fashion

Sherwanis with jackets are flattering and much admired these days. Jacket sherwani can be planned in many ways with an extended or short jacket, buttoned or unbuttoned. Matchup difference color dhoti or Patiala pants with your sherwani.


Bandi for wedding day

Credits: fashionmostwanted

It is one of the mainly damaged relaxed dresses for dissimilar occasions around weddings and rituals. Bandi is a waistcoat and you can dress in a bandi with a simple, patterned casual kurta paired with matching or colored churidar pants.



Credits: pinimg

Dhotis form the bottoms of every customary clothes for man, frequently set aside for weddings or religious ceremonies. They have customarily been the garment and are still great in style amongst the men of all India. But they’re back as a chic part of clothing repeatedly, particularly for benedict's.

It can be a high-quality plan to pair your sherwani with an established or exclusive dhoti prototype and method.

3 Accessories for Men for marriage to Pair up with Ethnic Dresses


Jootis for groom


Jootis or pointed Indian shoes can be basic or embroidered. Game them with your kurta or sherwani you dress in and they are just right for the wedding look!



Credits: Freepressjounal

From ancient times until the present day, the mainly ordinary fashion accessory for Indian men has been a turban. It has been developing since it was a fraction of antique Indian men’s garments.

In reality, there are diverse types of turbans worn in diverse parts of India. They can be simple, delimited or written in tie and dye pattern, made with silk, cotton or brocade.


Jewellary for wedding day

Credits: pinimg

Jewelry has forever been necessary for the populace who love to decorate. There are dissimilar established jewelry pieces like turban brooch, brooch, and mala, pearl or gold necklace for the Indian man to decorate himself.