13 Interesting Fashion Facts About Clothes You’re Wearing Right Now

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Interesting and Fascinating Fashion Fact

13 "OMG" Fashion Facts : Fun Facts about Cloths & Brands

There are thousands odd facts about clothes and fashion industry most people don't know. Let's test your fashion fact knowledge. Did you know that Fashion Fact?- Women were not allowed to wear shorts in public until World War II ? I am sure most of you didn't. Let's make your fashion fact knowledge stronger with 11 fashion & clothes related facts.

Here is a list of 10+ fan facts on fashion which you might not know:

1 Origin of Jeans

The word ‘Jeans’ came from the word ‘Genes’, the local term for Genoan sailors who wore cotton pants.

Jeans Fact

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2 Shoes Sole = Insult

Shoes are considered dirty in the Arab culture because they touch the ground and cover the foot. It is considered as offensive to show one’s shoes sole and throwing shoe at someone is an extreme grave insult.

Arabian Culture and Shoes Sole Facts

3 Louis Vuitton’s Love for Exclusive Bags

Louis Vuitton supposedly burns its old bags to keep the brand’s complete exclusivity.

Louis Vuitton Brand Fashion Bags Fact

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4 Top Fashion Shows Also Follow Queue Culture

The 4 major International Fashion shows take place in the following order- First is in New York then in London followed by Milan and last in Paris. Each city holds the fashion show twice in a year in the months of February and September.

Fashion Shows Fact

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5 Thank You Queen Victoria for White Wedding Fashion

Initially wearing white clothes were associated to mourning, until Queen Victoria decided to wear a white dress on the day of her wedding.

Wedding White Dress and Queen Victoria

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Stilettos for Marilyn Monroe

The first stilettos were designed by Italian shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo in 1950’s for Marilyn Monroe.

Stilettos for Marilyn Monroe Fashion Fact

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7 Ritu Beri is Super Senior at Paris Fashion

Ritu Beri is the first Indian Designer who showed at Paris fashion week and she is also the writer and publisher of the most expensive book Indian book ever written called Firefly- A fairytale which costs 1 lakh rupees per book.

Ritu Beri fashion designer india

Image : indianexpress

8 Perfume Era

The new era of perfume was first launched when Coco Chanel launched the exotic floral blend, Chanel No.5 which was the first ever perfume to mix natural and artificial essences.

perfume Fact Chanel 5

9. Nose Wiping Jugad is Now Fashion Trend

For preventing soldiers from wiping off their running nose from the sleeves, Napoleon Bonaparte ordered for buttons to be attached to the sleeves of the jacket.

Button on Sleeves Fashion Fact

10 Alexander McQueen & PETA Relation

In 1977, after Alexander McQueen used animal and bird heads in his fashion show, members of PETA dumped animal guts in front of Givenchy’s Paris boutique doorstep.

Animal, PETA Law and Fashion facts

11 Believe it or Not but Linen is Popular

The five most common fashion clothes fabrics are linen, cotton, polyester, and rayon.

linen and cotton are popular febric

12 Dolls for Fashion Models before 1853

Since the 15th century, fashion designers represent new clothing line by making small version or doll cloth version to put on small dolls.Did you know the reason behind this fashion fun fact? Believe me it is interesting- because at that time there were no real human fashion model until mid eighteen century.

13 Longest Wedding Dress

Maria Paraskeva has achieved her lifelong dream after creating the world's Longest wedding veil in preparation for wedding.

Length : Lace veil measured 6,962.6 m (22,843 ft 2.11 in)

Location : Larnaca, Cyprus

Date: 14 August 2018.


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