Dressing For Your Body Shape : Guide for Female

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How to dress up for body type female

Did this ever happen to you that you set foot in a shopping mall, rummaged through the myriad attires, caught hold of a gorgeous dress, and once you thought of giving it a try in the trial room and therefore donned it, you found out that winsome smile of yours, which all this while was pinned to your face, all of a sudden got ebbed away.


The dress didn’t fit you properly, as a result of which you looked awful! Most of the girls would relate to this description.

Now why does this happen every time? Why all your hope and exuberance would crash the moment you enter the trial room? Well, it’s just because not all of us are aware about our body types. Had we been, perhaps then we could have averted such frequent heartbreaks.

how to dress for your body type female

How to dress for your body type : female’s Guide

How to Dress According to Female body type

Nonetheless, all hopes are not lost yet as in this write-up, we will delve deeper into the different body types that women possess and how to dress for your body type. Stay glued.

Female Body Types:

There are five different female body type.

  1. Hourglass body shape
  2. Pear body shape
  3. Apple body shape
  4. Inverted triangle body shape
  5. Rectangular body shape

Let’s take a look at the key features of each body type in detail.

Hourglass Body Shape

Hourglass body Shape Dressing

Hourglass body Shape

The term ‘hourglass’ being a common word, many of you must be already aware of this. Eminent celebs such as Priyanka Chopra and Beyonce own this body type. However, you are still oblivious to its features. Of all the five body types, this shape is deemed as the most balanced with the bottom being proportional to the top part of the body with a clear-cut waistline. Hence, the next time you enter a clothing store, take a minute to reflect on the above criteria prior to zeroing on an attire.

How to dress for Hourglass Body Type

Most importantly, the dresses you wear must complement your well-defined figure. Your costume must fit well at the curves, and follow the silhouette of those curves. Women crave for this body shape and you already own it. Do proper justice to it girl!

Best Clothes for Hourglass Body Shape

  • Outfits that cling to the waist are regarded super apt for people with this body shape.
  • Sweetheart, plunge V, and V necklines aid draw attention to the upper body part.
  • To show off the waistline, sport a belt beneath the belly button. In a nutshell, body-hugging clothes are your thing.

Dresses to Avoid in Hourglass Body Shape

  • Loose bottoms or tops as it can spoil the look

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Pear Body Shape

Pear Body Shape

Img: SeriouslyNatural ( Pear Body Shape )

This type features a conspicuously bigger thighs and butt compared to the upper body. Having said that, there is nothing to be scared or ashamed about it as presently, this body shape is in vogue, and when the Hollywood sensation Kim Kardashian herself owns this figure, do you still need any other reason for persuasion? By the way, in case you aren’t born with this to die-for figure, you can very well acquire this with rigorous and consistent workouts.

How to Wear Dresses for Pear Body Shape

With this body shape, one advantage is that if styled properly, an impression of an hourglass figure can be created. With broad hips and slender shoulders, one needs to simply strike a balance between these two. Alternatively, you can also sport dresses that flaunt your lower part. Basically, it doesn’t matter which way you wear it. You would look beautiful in both ways.

Best Outfits for Pear Body Shape

  • Outfits with ruffled or patterned tops, A-lined skirts, and broad legged pants which define your upper portion go well with pear body shape.
  • Loose tops paired with skinny jeans exhibit an impression of an hourglass figure.
  • Boat or scoop necks, deep V, sweetheart, or V, and crop tops aid in balancing the bottom out.

Clothes to Avoid in Pear Shaped Body

  • Loose bottoms and body hugging tops

Apple Body Shape

Apple Body Shape Dress

Img: libbylondon (Apple Body Shape Dress )

Women with a bulky upper body part compared to the lower portion fall under this category. The key features of this body shape are a bigger bust line and wide shoulders. Owing to this, women possessing such a shape tend to accumulate weight around their waist and chest.

How to Don Dresses for an Apple Body Shape

With the entire weight being above the hips, the region between chest and waist tends to be seen as considerably bulky compared to the remaining body. Hence, here, the aim is to divert attention from this portion and bring your strengths to the fore. For this very reason, one is required to show off their legs or sport dresses with deep V or V necklines to create a widened impression of the torso.

Best Cloths for Apple Body Shape

  • Empire cuts or A-line dresses are deemed to be the ideal for this body shape.
  • Wearing patterned jackets and printed outfits will help add extra layers to it.
  • 3/4th or full-sleeved dresses, dark hues, and monochrome looks will also aid shift the focus.
  • To strike a balance, you can sport flared pants such as palazzo as well.

Outfits to Avoid in Apple Shaped Body

  • To create a balance, substitute your waist belt with an upper waist belt
  • Also, steer clear of tops with skinny jeans or body clinging attires

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Inverted Triangle Body Type

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Img: abeautifulbodyshape (Inverted Triangle Body Shape )

This body type is the most athletic looking. The shoulders are significantly wider than the hips. So, you need to enhance your shoulders and arms as much as you can.

How to Wear Cloths for Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The idea here is to define the hips, thereby striking a balance. Outfits that come with a natural V shape and straight cut jeans are apt for you.

Best Clothes for Inverted Triangle Body Shape

  • Skinny jeans, pencil skirts will go well with this body shape as the hips are quite narrow than the shoulders.
  • To create an impression of lean shoulders, opt for dresses with a V neckline.

Clothes to Avoid in Inverted Triangle Body Shape

  • For the upper body, be as much minimalistic as possible
  • Keep all the layers, ruffles, and patterns for the lower body part.

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Rectangular Body Shape

Rectangular Body Shape Dress Ideas

Img: ombrelane ( Rectangular Body Shape )

From the shoulders to the hips, this body type is normally excellently balanced. Hence, the silhouette isn’t much balanced and is relatively straightforward.

How to Don Dresses for a Rectangle Body Shape

Pay attention to accentuating your arms and legs as they are your assets. It is pretty much similar to the hourglass body shape minus the precise waistline.

Best Clothes for a Rectangle Body Shape

  • Opt for ruffled and layered tops
  • A-lined skirts. Sweetheart, strapless, and sleeveless lines will suit you the most
  • The much-required drama is added by capes, long jackets, and blazers

Clothes to Avoid in Rectangle Body Shape

  • Stay away from clothes that are all-embracing. They look too consuming and hence, are not a very good choice.

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