Clean Leather Shoes: A Gentleman’s Guide

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Guide for Clean Leather Shoes

Few days back, I was researching for new topic to write and i got to find out 6500+ people looking for answer to this question -"how to clean leather shoes". This data provoked me to talk about leather shoes and care of leather shoes and boots.

Who hate leather footwear ? ... 🙂 .. i know no one going to raise their hands. So let's start loving and caring our favorite footwear... Leather Shoes

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Why You Need Clean Leather Shoes:

Leather is very attention seeking material. Try yourself- stop caring leather and it will start firing back at you. To look bright,leather require proper conditioning and cleaning otherwise it will be cracked, dry.

Leather jackets or leather shoes are never out of fashion type fashion accessories but if you don't care leather shoes they will setup a big fashion disaster story for you in future.

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7 Secrets of long-lasting clean leather shoes

Shoes are an important add-on to the looks. Whatever your outfit could be, a pinch of perfection comes with the leather shoes. They can transition your looks from morning to evening with different outfits.

Therefore, it becomes very important to take care of them in spite of the long-lasting feature. Here are a few tips to take care of your leather shoes:

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1) Clean leather footwears carefully:

Wipe the dust from the shoes using a cloth soaked in warm water. Let them dry them before using and keep it away from direct sunlight. Do not wash the leather shoes or apply lots of water to it.

2) Don’t wear leather footwears regularly:

Do not wear your shoes continuously wear weeks, as it needs time to breathe. It adds extra life to the leather. In summers, wear less of your leather shoes as it need time to breathe because of sweat shoes may lose its life.

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3) Take care leather accessories:

Water is very harmful to leather shoes. If the shoes are wet, clean them immediately to avoid from harming the life of the shoes. Don not place wet leather shoes near heater, it may dry them faster but leave its leather cracked.

4) Never store in box: Let Your Leather Shoes Breathe

Avoid storing your shoes in box or any closed drawer as with humidity shoes can be harmed. The best option is to keep them in open or on shoe rack. Keeping shoes in closed area for longer duration is harmful as shoes are unable to breathe and moisture may crack the leather

5) Polish Leather Items Regularly:

Polish the shoes with wax polish instead of liquid polish as it penetrates the shoes. It creates a coating on the shoes which the shoes from direct contact of dust. Use the accurate amount of wax polish on the shoes and later clean it with nylon cloth to make shoes lustrous.

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6) Use Leather Conditioner:

As the skin of our body requires nourishment the skin of the leather shoes requires the nourishment too. With regular use of shoes, they suffer from wear and tear and loses its lustre, natural oils, thus, the leather cracks are prominent. Therefore, leather conditioner should be used once a week to maintain the long-life of the shoes.

7) Bonus Tip for Cleaning Leather Shoes (from famous  Real Men Real Style  channel)


I hope these easy tips ( so called secrets 😉 ) help you to make your leather footwear long lasting for years.

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