Types of Leggings : Based on Fabric, Length and Style & How to Wear Legging Guide for Women

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Leggings Types in India

Have you ever craved to embrace those beautiful form-fitting pants that are known as leggings and look chic in the method?

You can en robe leggings whenever you want. You just have to know how to pick the right type of leggings. Thank god, Women's Leggings have finally evolved a long way and exerted many styles from their origin.

Different Types of Leggings

Whether it’s classy leather, a random print, a pop-up color, a denim touch, a shimmery friend, an athletic one, or a sporty beauty, it has something for everyone.

So, we prepared guide on how to wear & choose right type of leggings. Start exploring the different type of leggings based on length, style, fabric, and ways of wearing this stylish piece of apparel!

Ping color W Leggings
Ping color W Leggings : Buy Here

It is essential that you carry leggings with the fit size. They should not be excessively snug or extremely baggy. In that process, they can cover your legs flawlessly.

Your ideal black leggings might have served you to look great in many incidents but the several times washing get them to rise a few inches up the ankles or they have run loose at the knee. If you see it, it is time to keep them to use it in the house and buy a different pair with fit length to restore its place.

Types of Leggings Based on Length

The right fitted leggings will provide you the most pleasant feel to increase your self-esteem. For somebody figures, leggings are not an alternative as will be critical for them. Always avoid carrying leggings if you have excess cellulite.

Full length Legging

They are an extended version of leggings length for women that reach a little beneath your ankle, and most of them will provide you smooth folds near the bones. These are normally used under long kurtas, suits, tunics, or boho tops.

3/4 Length Legging

Three Fourth Leggings work with small tops, tunics and are an obvious choice. 3/4 Legging size might not serve you with great choices to wear informal set-up but is excellent for casual wears.

They end at the calf muscle and the center of attraction shifts there. If you are not very sure about it, then you might want to skip it.

Ankle Length Legging

These are the sensuous of them completely. Ankle leggings length goes with nearly anything for example-dresses, kurties, jackets, coats, capes, tunics, skirts- almost everything. Furthermore, you can carry it with any or all kinds of footwear.

Footed Leggings for Women

footed leggings for women

Footed leggings are much alike to stockings but the material is somewhat thicker. They don’t have a hole at the tip and they close the feet too. They will look great if paired up with shorts and dresses and even carried under skirts.

Knee Length Legging

These are called workout leggings which are mostly used as exercise apparel for gym, yoga, training, hiking, and jogging or even for touring.

Stirrup Leggings

Stirrup leggings types were very famous long back mostly for horse riding because they made sure the outfit stays in place. Now, it has become sportswear for women whom they can wear for horse riding, skiing, and any yoga.

Type of leggings based on Style

Ripped Leggings

Ripped leggings outfit have holes in them and are very trendy. You should definitely own them if you are into style. They look charming and fashionable. The best color to choose is black, grey or blue. These can be dressed as casual wear and as occasion wear as well.

Rugged Leggings

These types of leggings are not exactly rugged but they give a feeling of rugged jeans. Why, you ask? Because it has prints on being rugged on it! If you don’t desire to expose your skin, you can work with these.

Leather Leggings

Leather leggings have even substituted jeans in closets. You require not wearing those uncomfortable leather jeans or jeggings when you can live up with leather leggings. It will give you the same chic look and is not uncomfortable to wear.


The treggings is intended to give a look of trousers but is basically leggings. You can understand is as leggings with trousers look make treggings. They are much preferred by modern women and working women who want to look formal but at the same time don't want to wear thick fabric.

Glitter Leggings

These types of leggings are suitable for party outfit or any other blingy event. You can look utterly amazing while not showing too much skin and boasting your curves too.

Types of leggings based on prints

Printed Leggings:

Printed leggings are one sure sort thing on which we all must invest. Because they supplement slight jazz to your outfit! Nonetheless, just make certain you examine them on before you choose them because several printed leggings look fabulous on the rack but hang flat when pulled on the body. Much of this depends on your shape, size, and type. Plus, when you are wearing leggings that are printed, the top requires to be plain. You can try bold and contrast colors, but as far as prints are involved, allow the top to be in monotone.

Floral Print Leggings

The floral print is often trendy and is getting worn by many women. These types of leggings carry very chic and girly look to the outfit with flower prints. You can get it in any colors and any floral prints.

Tribal Print Legging

These printed leggings are very much in fashion right now. Mostly you will see it in winters with lots of patterns and designs on it. It makes the boring winter outfit more casual and colorful.

Leopard Print Legging

It is boon for all those who love wearing animal print clothes. Not only leopard you can get leggings in leopard, snake, and tiger prints too. It gives a very fashionable and chic look to the whole look.

African Print Legging

These printed leggings carry a different pattern and designs that showcase African culture and images. It has colors and cuts that are similar to what African generally wear.

Type of Leggings Based on Fabric

Cotton Leggings

The excellent point about this fabric of leggings is that it is very effortless. It’s breathable, sturdy, and usually very easy to wear. The disadvantages to cotton are it doesn’t hold up great to stretching and tend to fall off quickly. This is why it is not generally used.

Polyester Leggings

Polyester is a fabric of leggings that executes its water repellent and sweat-absorbent quality. These qualities make it a very common choice for active-wear leggings fabric. Though, this fabric tends to smell very easily. This is why it is recommended to check for polyester blend fabric which is antimicrobial treated.

Wool ( Woolen) Leggings

If you exist around a place that’s permanently frozen, wool leggings would be definitely perfect for you. Or if you are witnessing cold weather in your area, wool leggings are going to make you warm and look fashionable. They keep holes of air confined, keeping in heat. There are also woolen crocheted leggings ready, but they can be costly.

Spandex Leggings

You’ll notice virtually every set of activewear leggings with at least some percentage of spandex in it. That’s because spandex is recognized for being stretchy, locking the body to provide a great complementary fit.

Nylon Legging

Nylon has many benefits as a legging fabric combination. It’s unusually strong and lightweight. It doesn’t crease quickly, and it’s simple to care for.

That told, it has an inclination to shrink sometimes, which indicates it’s necessary to see at the precise rinse and dry care guidance on the pair of leggings you’re excited in.

How to Wear Leggings Tips

Leggings in Office

Some businesses have stringent dress regulations, while some of them are soft. For those of you with a more comfortable set-up, you can wear leggings in office. But, guarantee that your tops are whirling, below the hip, and do not push any undesirable attention to the below part of the body. Plus, if you are taking printed leggings, the prints have to be tiny, definite, and negligible.

Leggings Tips For Curvy Ladies

If you are a curvy girl or come beneath the plus size section, there’s nothing you have to worry about. Just know how to wear type of leggings.

You simply have to make certain that the top coats the problem section, which is normally down under the belly till the thighs. This means you can conceal the additional celluloid while holding it chic and fashionable. You could likewise do a lot with layering and combining key to the top or whatever you are matching it with.

Leggings for Women Over 40-50

Who said you cannot be sophisticated and classy while being smart with the appropriate kind of attire? There is no generation limit for carrying any type of leggings. But, adhere to dark colors. Black is your reliable expert.

Balance the Look with leggings Outfits

Choose full-length leggings in basic black. This will help you seem thinner and taller and provide you supreme outfit choices. Don't make the mistake of wearing the wrong top with leggings.

Believe me; it will ruin the whole outfit. This is why it is important to know how to wear leggings with other outfits.

The top should meet past your hip at the very smallest and better to cover your bum. If you are going to layer the look with a longer cardigan, then it will accentuate the whole look easily.

Choose Best Leggings Material

Generally, leggings are made in Cotton and lycra fabrics, but leather and suede are other exciting options you may investigate. These are very fashionable and execute for a chic outfit. Understand what material of legging to wear on what and then plan.

Choose Best Shoes to Wear with Leggings

Do not wear the any type of leggings with an incorrect pair of shoes. They seem excellent with shoes, flip-flops, and boots and even with low-cut boots. Black shoes with black leggings will provide you a high appearance.

When you dress leggings with pumps or wedgies, carry them in a matching shade of your shirt to bypass a too cheap look. In matching shades, leggings can look great with sandals and ballet flats.

Leggings are not Jeans Pants

Leggings are like jeggings. Just hold in mind, Tights/ leggings are yet not jeans, even if they are built to seem like denim. You should know how to wear right legging on right occasion with right outfit.

Plus, please remember Leggings are not thin jeans either. So please don't handle them as so. Use them the same way you would handle jeggings.

Accessorize Leggings

Leggings do work as an accessory. Don't make your look round them but you should combine leggings to your look. Leggings should balance something in your look. For example, if you are going red lipstick, red headband and red purse then wear red leggings.

Bonus Tips on Wearing Legging

For everyone, a long top with leggings, a shawl, and vague colored shoes make perfect attire for school. And if you don't want all the fashions policing on you, then make sure that your shirt coats your lower bottom when you dress them for school.

Flashing under wears are not fit with leggings, particularly for cotton leggings. Find the best blend; you can roll with your leggings. Search and mix-match with accessories to get constant different mixtures! Now you must have understood all about the different type of leggings and how to wear leggings. So, go on and give your style some makeover.

Types of Legging : FAQs

Is it OK to wear leggings to work?

Wearing leggings at work is okay, if workplace has no strict dress code for employees. But leggings selection should be done carefully to maintain a professional appearance at office.

What is the difference between leggings and jeggings?

Leggings are like skin tight pants. Jeggings are like tight jeans.

Are leggings going out of style?

Leggings and yoga pants will never go out of fashion.

Do leggings make you look thinner?

Leggings can not create illusions about your body. Leggings will project what you are and how you look actually.


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