19 Dupatta Setting Styles For Brides in Trend Now These Days

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For an extraordinary occasion, be it your wedding or your Mehandi and Sangeet day, if your dupatta is not wrapped well, you just won’t be able to execute fair dealing to your bridal avatar.  The gorgeousness of an Indian conventional garment lies in its flexibility. You can adorn dupatta in several unusual styles to make your bespoke fashion proclamation.

Bridal Dupatta Draping Styles on Wedding

There is so much more to dupatta draping ideas which will make you look like an absolute diva. Here are some astonishing bridal dupatta setting styles to take inspiration from. Come; let’s check them out different styles of wearing dupatta on lehenga.

1- The Classic Saree Drape

Bridal Dupatta Draping Styles

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This is one of the most common but easiest wrapping styles of all occasion. It is a standard style and goes for every sort of occasion, be it a marriage, reception, Mehendi or sangeet.

All you have to do is insert one end of the dupatta on the right part of your waist. Then cover it from below your left arm and toss it above your right shoulder like a saree pallu. Now, you are prepared to astound in a lehenga saree!

2- The U back

U back Dupatta drape for brides

Credits: indiawest

This is a customary and the best style for heavily embroidered dupattas as it furnishes you a possibility to showcase the delicate design correctly.

Fold one end of the dupatta, assemble the pleats tidily and fasten it on the left shoulder so that the dupatta falls frontward freely, if possible lower than your waist. For the other end of the dupatta, carry it to the frontage on the right side.

Now, you can either wrap dupatta just about your right hand’s wrist or slip it in the curve of your lehenga to form a nice ‘U’ at the backside. You can also take the dupatta over your head for the bridal ceremony.

3- Regal Dupatta Drape

Regal Dupatta Drape

Credits: tribune

Remember the approach of Deepika Padukone in BajiRao Mastani? This is the mode where the dupatta is covered over the head of the bride in a Mughal style. This is a conventional yet graceful style in each sense.

You can even swathe the dupatta around your shoulders if you have opted for a modest looking style of blouse. Wrapping the dupatta in the region of the shoulder would be an excellent idea if you are going to have a winter wedding. It possibly can get paired up with a shawl on your shoulder as well in a complementary tint.

4- Casual Dupatta Drape Style

The casual dupatta drape style is appropriate for lehengas that have a profoundly embroidered blouse because this style is not going to cover up the choli. Insert one end of the dupatta at the left part of the waist. Release it and get the dupatta from behind your left arm above your head. You can allow the dupatta to rest over your right shoulder as well.

Casual dupatta drape

Credits: indiawest

A subsequent alternative in a similar manner can be that as a substitute for leaving the cloth unfastened at the back, you can let it surge freely on the front part. At the front side, you can enfold the free end at your wrist. This is a just right draping fashion for the up to date Indian bride, who desires to seem traditional and attractive at the same time. This is one method that looks absolutely miraculous. It goes about the front over and above the back.

Get one end of the dupatta and put it in on any part of your waist. After that, fetch it to the fore after leaving a significant free-flowing part of it on your back. Once, you take it forward, let the dupatta fall over your choli. Brooch it onto your shoulder and fling it over your shoulder. Make sure the dupatta is well-pleated in order to take this royal look well. This draping style is certain to make you frequent approving and beautiful on your extraordinary day!

5- Double Dupatta


Double dupatta

Credits: panachehautecouture

You can by no means go erroneous with this fashion. Using double dupatta with your wedding lehenga not only boosts your overall look but will also give you princess feeling. India’s world-class designer, Sabyasachi Mukherjee started this trend and since then there is no going back. We all are going gaga over this trend. Many Bollywood brides have chosen Double Dupatta wearing trend and looked completely astonishing on their Wedding Day.

Double dupatta

Credits: wedmegood

With two dupattas, you can use one for wrapping and the other to swathe the head. It will make you appear like a regal bride. You can try and test different colors, methods, and materials of your two dupattas to set out as a bride. Moreover, whilst deciding for the twofold dupatta style, always use the longer one to cover up the head and the shorter one for the wrap.

sabhyasachi mukharjee

Credits: Sabhyasachi Mukharjee

For this look, you have to pin the second dupatta on your head and protect it adequately so it doesn’t fall downward. You can either depart the dupatta unfasten at the back or grasp one end of dupatta on your left wrist.

6- Front Flow Dupatta

Front flow dupatta drape

Credits: marrymeweddings

Front flow dupatta wearing style is elegant and stylish. To dress up your dupatta you have to pleat it tidily and fasten it at the left shoulder so that it falls at the back, equal to the flip-side of your lap. For the frontage part, let the dupatta arrive at the floor, then fold it up and carry it over your forearm.

You require being aware of the manner you grip this dupatta style and make sure that it does not slip off your arm. While it may not be the finest option for your wedding ritual, it is utterly perfect for other functions.

7- Kamarband Dupatta Style

Kamarband Dupatta Drape

Credits: Southindiafashion

Kamarband are in trends now with a hit! Although a method of past, it has acquired a lot of concentration among the brides from Anita Dongre bridal lehengas dupatta draping trends. It exhibits the waist, situates the pleats and manages the dupatta in a tidier way.

At present, you don’t have to make a ruckus with dupatta, whether it is sweeping out the ground with its extent or obtain a modest length for your short height. Drape the dupatta similar to a saree pallu. You may superimpose the dupatta in the center or go on by keeping it on your shoulder side. Employ it as a belt and push it inside your lehenga.

8- Cowl Dupatta Drape Style

Cowl Dupatta Drape

Credits: pureelegance

When you drape a single dupatta over your face and lace them up at shoulders, you get the cowl method. This is more of a wow when the dupatta is of sheer material with lots of sparkle and effort on a mesh outline. This is a nice way to show off your blouse designs. Furthermore, this is the most buzzing style on social media. Consequently, you get a hold to be a social sovereign in your pictures.

9- Trail Style

Trail Dupatta Drape

Credits: frugal2fab

This fashion is approved by many designers and Bollywood divas. By holding the dupatta from the back by both hands, you can make a statement. The most frequently used technique from the old times; this method is in fact done when the brides would like to demonstrate their lehenga design to the utmost.

It can be balanced up with any lehenga wearing style, whether a plain blouse or jacket. Now be self-assured and get organized to display this style.

10- One Side Free Drape

One side Dupatta Drape

Credits: frugal2fab

It is very effortless yet stylish Dupatta draping style to make you look beautiful on your special day.  This dupatta style is actually slicked at one side and left free to wander roughly as you budge. It portrays a sumptuous style and an easy-breezy look. The method needs no attempt at all. Just pick the part where you want to fix up the dupatta to offer an incredible view to your outfit.

11- Dupatta Veil

Veil Dupatta Drape

Credits: vegabomb

The inclination of dupatta is sustained for time and this style has been taken up by many queens and princesses since cohort. Inside this, the bride drapes the dupatta above the head like a covering until the need to reveal it. A shimmery dupatta is exactly what you want, for using it as a veil. The bride’s features are noticeable but are still out of sight of the outer world.

Jingle charming enough!

12- Gujarati Style Dupatta Draping

Gujrati Dupatta Drape

Credits: hergamut

Whilst you are thinking-how to drape lehenga and dupatta, it is safe to go with the conventional Gujarati method. This style would acquire a two-piece dupatta in which one is dressed over the head while the other is extend and tucked in front casing the major part of the blouse. This customary style has monarchs of its own as the bride gets an impressive feeling over the “dress you in” attire.

13- Border Pleated Drape Style

Border revealing Dupatta drape

Credits: wedmegood

Contained by this style, the dupatta is dressed over the shoulder in a wafer style where quite a few pleats are composed and pushed on. It exhibits only the edge of the dupatta. As a result, to get a fair look, your dupatta requires having a wide border with work of Zari or other charms.

14- Simple Over the head drape

Single over the head Dupatta drape

Credits: wedding saga

Effortlessness is paramount and this method is accurate for the brides who desire to keep the look minimal. It is not accurately a lehenga drape for brides, but the bride just put it on her head like the traditional bride. But more willingly than looking cliché, you will look dazzling and beautiful.

15- Another Simple Drape

Wrap around Dupatta drape

Credits: medium

This is an additional super effortless drape that you can completely do in just 5 minutes. You just have to tuck your dupatta and fling it over your shoulder. On the reverse side, you may perhaps just wrap it twice over your arm and you are done. This fashion looks very elegant and delightful, and it makes the whole process of carrying the dupatta, a bit easier.

16- Pakistani Drape

Pakistani Style Dupatta Drape

Credits: paklink

The conventional Pakistani manner of draping a dupatta has established some standards in India as well. This dupatta draping style for brides, work best for a wedding.

All you have to do is take the dupatta over your head with keeping one end of dupatta loose at the back. The other end of the dupatta is curved into a cowl shape in the face and then put at the back of the other shoulder.

17- Suit Style

Suit style dupatta drape

Credits: wedmegood

This style is best for Mehandi and Sangeet ceremony.  You can wrap your lehenga dupatta in this trouble-free way. Just like we wrap a suit’s dupatta, pin the dupatta on both sides of your shoulder and you’re ready! Ya, it’s that easy.

18- South India

South Indian Style Dupatta Drape

Credits: fashionlady

This is a lehenga dupatta drape that is favored by the brides for their Sangeet or function look. Do you memorize Deepika Padukone drape style from Chennai Express? That’s exactly what we are talking about.

Seize one corner of your dupatta, brooch it firmly on the right side of your waist and wrap rest of the dupatta strongly across your flipside and carry it to your front from the right part. Fold it neatly and put it on your left shoulder, while ensuring your dupatta is cozy against your body to provide you a fine shape.

19- Jacket Style

Jacket Style Dupatta Drape

Credits; akioneam

The jacket style lehenga Dupatta drape for Brides is a very new and bracing trend. As you are familiar that the cape is in fashion and if you could not control to get one for your gigantic day, you can simply create it. Just wrap your dupatta around your shoulders like fashionista brides and you are ready to rock the party.

So which one is your favorite? Go embrace that style on you and be all set to rock your traditional style by draping a dupatta in a trendy way.